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1 janvier, 2009


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Welcome to ELPIZO Basketball Academy, the most comprehensive approach to training that basketball has ever seen. The goal at EBA is simple: to develop the best basketball players in the world, at all levels.
Our system focuses on providing each individual with the basketball skills necessary to excel, the physical capabilities to perform these skills at an elite level, the nutritional knowledge to maximize the execution of the skills, and the mental approach to be able to perform at this elite level every day. Our program emphasizes the importance of « living like a pro » in order to maximize results on the court. Whatever your aspirations may be, EBA will provide you with the opportunity to maximize your abilities both on and off the court. Programs run’s year round and offer full-time and short-time boarding that focus on player development. Each program will produce exceptional improvement in both physical performance and in your understanding of the game. Each student/athlete arrives here with particular strengths and goals. Our staff’s aim is to compliment and develop each player according to those assets best enabling him to prepare for a successful future.

If you are looking for an academy that will treat your child like a pro, train them like a pro and build skills not only for basketball, but for life, then you are at the right place.

The Founder,

Adamu Musa

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